UKHE consultants

Consultancy and Business transformation

The UK Higher Education sector is going through some serious changes. Changes that call for robust approaches in meeting standards and surpassing challenges. UKHE Consultants can offer just that. With decades’ worth of experience in handling such challenges, we leave no stone unturned in supporting institutions.

UKHE Consultants Services

Data Analysis and QA support

With abundant industry experience, we are positioned to aid educational institutions in multiple ways. Higher Education and Further Education Institutions can aim to improve performances or transform positively using our unique range of services, data analysis, and quality assurance processes.

UKHE Consultants Services

Student Recruitment and support services

It’s quite a challenge to identify and enrol the right kind of students in the current period. Are your yearly plans and targets matters of concern? Our student recruitment strategy and the support we offer in that area can work wonders for you in attracting the right students and in achieving recruitment targets (both UK and international).

UKHE Consultants Services


Our clients can benefit by using membership discounts while utilising our products. By becoming a member they can use our normal and other value-added services on a more regular basis.

UKHE Consultants

About UKHE Consultants

For decades, our consultants have helped Higher Education and Further Education Institutions in the UK stay current, relevant, and competitive.

The experiences gained over the years, not just in the UK but worldwide, have enabled us to assist educational institutions, big or small. We support universities and colleges to handle new and old challenges with ease.

Academic rigour is our core strength. Drawing from the reservoir of vast industry experience and by using ‘360-degree’ sector knowledge, we service more niche areas than most of the service providers in the industry.

Our industry experts, hence, can work out bespoke strategies for higher and further education institutions with aplomb. Our well-informed modus operandi means our clients do not achieve academic excellence or exceed standards as a mere accident.

Internationalisation in education is one of our key themes. We have collaborated with partners worldwide in meeting this objective.

We also possess the right expertise in policy guidance required for working in relevant HE projects.

UKHE Consultancy Services

UKHE offers a range services to HE/FE institutes which includes:

  • Learning & Teaching
  • Student Journey
  • QA Review & IV
  • Endpoint Assessment Support
  • Research & data analysis
  • Student recruitment
  • Employability Skill and professional development
  • Strategies and Transformation
  • Policy guidance


UKHE has worked tirelessly to ensure every program stays on track while assisting the on-board staff. UKHE has shown versatility and in-depth knowledge in every step and procedure.


In a short amount of time, UKHE has helped and assisted the entire staff and has become partners with our institutions. UKHE came with comprehensive planning and strategy, which upgraded all our operations.


Our apprenticeship program was going through serious trouble until we came across UKHE. People from UKHE not only showed us the right direction but also helped us in mapping out where apprenticeships might fit within the business.


We are an approved Kickstart Scheme employer

Learning & Teaching

The use of an innovative strategy coupled with technological advancements is a welcome departure from routine approaches in learning & teaching. At UKHE, we offer innovative strategies that can work well in the post-covid period.

Student Journey

A student’s journey, today, is no less than an arduous ride. We understand this journey as a ‘life cycle’ with stages encompassing admission support to graduation. We have well-developed services and skilled consultants who can deliver those services, spanning the entire lifecyle.

Academic & Professional Support

One of the specialities at UKHE is the comprehensive student support programme that can be offered to new and continuing students. In addition, our programme offers continuous professional development opportunities for staff as well.