We believe in finding unique ways to fill existing gaps in Education and technological sectors. We offer support to organisations in several ways such as conducting risk analysis, offering advice on process improvements and so forth. What’s more, we use disruptive methodologies and technologies to find a new course on the way.

Our innovation of ‘Personality Bubbles’ is one-of-its-kind and does just that.

Disrupting the state-of-art learning technologies’ trend of ‘adapting learners to pre-set learning patterns’, this application aims at ’liberating individuals from premeditated patterns’.

Creating fit-for-purpose learning experiences provides learners with opportunities to realise their individual goals throughout their journey. This application aims to achieve that. To know more about it or to collaborate on such ideas please contact us at info@ukheconsultants.co.uk.

Have UKHE by your side, and reach your research and innovation objectives!