Ways to Recruit the Best Students for Your Educational Institution?

Educational institutions have a challenge: to attract the highest quality students and also get an adequate number of admissions. Students have many choices now, and with the growing number of universities, every institution needs to project and position its name as a brand.

Educational institutions use various methods to project their value but not all institutions succeed in driving traffic to their admission offices.


Following are five best practices to recruit quality students for your educational institution:

Open Days

The concept of ‘Open Day’ is to give the student (and maybe parents) a taster of the university by allowing them to visit the university and look around the campus. Some open days deliver detailed introductions on the various faculties that are on offer. This approach can help students attend multiple sessions, compare different disciplines and programmes before making the all-important enrolment decision.

Open days are very effective in luring students, especially if the students are applying from other countries. Virtual open days are scheduled to show the students around and to meet up with the faculty. It gives the students confidence that the university is authentic and worthy enough to move forward with their applications.

Social Media

Nowadays, social media is the next best thing to being there in person. Students always check the university’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages, sometimes even before browsing their websites.

Having a well-managed social media page is the first impression on the student. Students, quite honestly, look for facilities and activities in a university before they look up at courses offered and the teaching methodologies used. This ‘campus life’ that attracts the student most is best presented through social media pages in which videos and pictures of events and activities are regularly posted.

Students also use social media to see the reviews and remarks of previous and current students to get an idea on how ‘student friendly’ the university is. A happening social media page with rich content is a must-have for every university.

Career Prospects

Universities use salary reports and job opportunities as a major tool to build their reputation as producers of highly sought graduates. They arrange job fairs and mock interviews during the time of admission so that prospective students can see what jobs can be had if they are successful as graduates.

Furthermore, universities make sure that they are listed on websites like www.payscale.com that show the salary of their graduates and their programmes. The universities do advertise those programmes that are considered for highly paid positions.

Show Don’t Tell

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is probably worth millions. Educational institutions often ask their own students or hire professionals to make a short movie of the fun-filled and rich learning and grooming environment that the university provides.

A well-shot movie showing the university’s students, graduates and employers of their graduates can prove to be a good testimonial with a positive appeal. Sometimes these movies go viral or are promoted to reach many students and become the primary source of awareness and first moment of truth for the students.

Scholarships And Funding

The first tab that the student usually opens on the university website is the ‘Scholarships and funding’ tab. Students naturally want to see if the university course is affordable at all for them.

Many universities facilitate students with scholarships; some relieve their immediate concern for fee payment by providing a payment plan with deferred payments to be made throughout their programme’s duration. Some universities incentivise students with financing to help them get through their studies and pay later with the salaries from their new jobs. Some universities allow students to work in the industry in co-op programmes so that they start earning some money during study and pay the fee and take care of their living expenses.

The best universities are the ones that invest in all of the above and create a brand name that eventually inspires students to reach out to the university themselves instead of the other way around.


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